Ford trucks from 2005 and up have had an issue that is known in the industry as the death wobble.; It's a problem because it doesn't seem to affect all trucks, regardless of whether they are stock, leveled or lifted.

We have dealt with this problem and found after replacing all components in the suspension and steering that show any sign of wear, we still had the problem with some trucks. In the end, we determined the cause to be the track bar. Even though we had put a new bushing in the bar, it was still causing the problem.

So we designed our own bushing kit which completely replaces the stock Ford track bar bushing with one of our High-grade, high-impact Bushings, which in recent tests have eliminated the death wobble.

Application: Ford F250 - F350 Single wheel 4x4

Included in the Kit:

1-Set of Bushings

1-Steel sleeve


1-Set of Instruction

Moog Ball Joint 

1- 7/8" Drill Bit

Death Wobble Install Kit with Ball Joint and Drill Bit