Introducing: BiltAir

- A new way of designing air suspension systems with the installer in mind! 
For the past 25 years, we’ve installed hundreds of kits by several manufacturers—we’ve seen what works and what doesn’t!  We’ve drawn on this experience to create a user-friendly kit that eliminates all the bad design elements and unnecessary complications—we’ve invested extra time developing it, so you don’t spend extra time installing it!

Our kit combines OPTIMAL COMFORT with an ECONOMIC PRICE TAG and a super simple “NO DRILL” INSTALL—giving you a pleasant, pain-free experience in every possible way!

Basic kit comes ready to install to your on-board air 


The newly designed International CV and GM 4500/5500/6500 cab & chassis 4WD medium duty work trucks may be stout and capable of hauling a load, BUT YOUR BACK WILL PAY THE PRICE!  The factory-equipped leaf spring system that comes standard on these trucks leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to ride quality.  The result is a rough ride experience that jars and jolts the occupants as well as the cargo.

We came, we solved.  We created a brand-new air ride suspension system to fix your ride from the ground up!

Our solution will save your back, your cargo, and your bank account!

2019-2021  International CV 4WD 
2019-2021  GM 5500/6500 4WD     


- On-board Air kits
- Sway bar option

BILT-AIR Product Announcement-single.png