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Here we have a fix for that leaking 6.0L oil rail 03-07 Ford Powerstroke causing you hard starting problems, repair your rails with our kit and save hundreds over replacing the rail. Oh and dont forget the injectors. With High Pressure leaks common in these trucks dont forget to reseal the injectors while you are there. Our kits come with seal that goes into the top of the injector that will help with sealing when the injector nipple goes into it after resealing the oil rail.


Kit includes:


Tool for removing Injector Feed Port works with any 15/16

8- O-Rings

8- Injector Seal kits

Instructions with Torque Specs for the Oil Rail Repair Tool

Ford 6.0L Power Stroke 03-07

Ford 6.0L Powerstroke Oil Rail Leak Repair Kit,Tool,O-rings + Injector Seal Kits

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