Check out our newest product!

The all new redesigned Hercu-Sleeve  made with High Tech Polymer, comes in two different sizes to fit the hitch that you have.



  • Vibration and Noise Dampening
  • Corrosion and Rust Resistant


  • Tighter "No Slop" fit
  • Adjusts for variances in Hitch Tolerances 


Introducing the “HERCU-SLEEVE II” 

For 3" Hitches

3" to 2" sleeve adapter


Hey Truck Owners! Tired of struggling with that clunky 2-piece adapter sleeve that forces you to go from 3" to 2.5”…then finally 2"??

Why mess with the middle ground?! Now you can go straight from 3” to 2” with just one piece…


~ The sleek and SOLID alternative to the awkward 2-piece adapter ~

 3” to 2” with just one sleeve!


For those that don't have a 3" hitch but would like all the benefits of noise dampening and corrosion resistance we have the Hercu-Sleeve II for the 2.5" Hitches as well.


For 2.5" Hitches

2.5" to 2" sleeve adapter


The Hercu-Sleeve 2 is in stock and ready to go today!

Hercu-Sleeve Towing Hitch Sleeve Reducer Adapter