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Hey Truck Owners! Tired of struggling with that clunky 2-piece adapter sleeve that forces you to go from 3" to 2.5”…then finally 2"??

Why mess with the middle ground?! Now you can go straight from 3” to 2” with just one piece…

Introducing the “HERCU-SLEEVE” 1-piece 3" to 2" sleeve adapter! ~ The sleek and SOLID alternative to the awkward 2-piece adapter ~

 3” to 2” with just one sleeve!


 HEAVY DUTY COATING for longevity and durability

 LESS MOVEMENT than 2-piece design

 Just one part to keep track of!


The Hercu-Sleeve is in stock and ready to go today!

Hercu-Sleeve 4070101 3"to2" Towing Hitch Sleeve Reducer Adapter 6.7L 11-17


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