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This is the original AccuTemp Adapter by Moonlight Diesel.  


As you may know automatic transmission temperature is best monitored in the hot transmission cooler line, yet installing a sender in the cooler line has been difficult. Many have installed senders in the pan and many in the pressure ports, neither of which give an accurate reading of current transmission operating temperatures.   


With our AccuTemp Adapter installing the sender (temperature probe) on the cooler line allows you to have a much quicker and more accurate indication of transmission temperature. You can install any 1/8" pipe temperature sender in your adapter and get an accurate reading .    


First attach your adapter on to the cooler line

Second install temperature sender/probe into AccuTemp and viola! You are ready to go! (Assuming you have your gauge installed already)


We have found this method to be very accurate.  


We have different sizes Please indicate year, make and model of your truck when your order. Thank you


If you have any questions about this product or anything on a diesel pickup please give us a call.

Moonlight Diesel 1003 AccuTemp Adapter transmission Temperature adapter

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